Thursday, April 18, 2013

TRADE REVIEW 04-18-2013

This morning we opened just below the 1550-1552.25 WHITE ZONE.

 ES did not make it to the zone & I was unable to get a short off.  Again,  in this blog I am simply highlighting the highest odds setups using the most basic strategy I have.  Since sellers are in charge I am strictly looking for shorts at the first test of the zones below ONCE they have broken.  Broken means it has closed blow and moved back up as in the example below.
The move back into the 1544-1546 zone provided the 1st opportunity for a trade and this zone offered both back and front of the zone for entries and offered multiple opportunities for a scale.  ES quickly rotated to the 1538-1540 zone -the market had a quick rotation up just in front of the 1540 level.  In this strategy I am not looking for longs but it is not a bad idea to cover in front of a zone because even in a down market a rotation, even if small, is to be expected.  We then quickly flushed through 1538-40 zone & tested back up. Once again,  A short trade in either the front or the back of the zone offered excellent trade placement & a 2-4 pt trade opportunity.  Just after lunch the market rotated lower down to the 1533-35 zone where i noted in the pre-market post was initial support.  I expect buyers at initial support on first touch and the was a 2-3 point opportunity there.   

So that is it,  2 clean low stress trades.  Do the math.  Even with just one contract its a very solid strategy and it has been a consistent strategy for me.  By looking at the chart you will see that clearly there are more trade opportunities   I am simply highlighting the most direct and high odds trades on this blog.  Pease feel free to hit me with any questions you have.  

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