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Simon at TradenPerform coaching has helped me more as a trader than any service or study has in 18 years of trading experience.  He unselfishly shares everything he knows of the markets, price structure, support and resistance, money flow and mindset.  He actively teaches and challenges you to read the charts and learn how to flow with the markets in an ever-changing environment.  This however, is the easy part of trading.  His most important gift to me is with my own psychology and understanding.  The true key to trading successfully.  His insight is invaluable.  No matter how many books you read, nothing compares to  having a coach who understands and has intense market experience to help you make the leap to being a true professional trader with the proper mindset.  He is devoted to helping others and he can help you make money in the  markets.  If you want to understand the markets and understand your part in them, I highly recommend you utilize his service.

Thank You Simon

Walt Jeter

Hi, my name is Daniel Torres. I have been trading for several months, blow one account, then was struggling with the second one going from earnings to losses and staying on the same place. All I could say is that even the first coaching session with Simon felt like turning up a light that finally made you understand how to get consistently earnings in the markets. His rotation and zones system rocks!!. If you're looking for that "crystal ball" that everyone talks on forum, that just doesn't exist, but if you want a system that will make you a living off the markets, you'll allso probably won't find anything better out there. Simon makes you feel like an honest  friend. Thanks for everything


I would highly recommend Simon as a trading coach. Simon helped me focus and be disciplined. He is very patient and does a wonderful job of explaining methodologies.  
He also helped me with the mental game, which is at least 50% of becoming a successful trader.

FRED @fredbicycle 

This is the spread sheet of Fred's first month of coaching with me.  These entries are his calls, not mine.  But he has gone from a break even trader to a consistent trader, 16 out of 17 trades,  for 29 points PER CONTRACT.   A fantastic job by Fred, well deserved.  Spread sheet posted with Fred's permission. 

Hello, would like to let everyone know Simon's TradenPerform coaching assisted me with steps to follow routinely, developing a pattern of repetition, therefore gaining confidence with each trade. I would recommend Simon and will also enjoy more coaching myself. His insight into the levels he provides will assist you with learning to do it yourself, I appreciated his straight forward way, he came across as one to stand up for what he believes to be true, and he for sure has heart to be giving so much of his time to his fellow struggling trader. Thank you Simon, for your hard work and dedication to your profession.

Erika Sanchez


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It is fair to say that Simon's effect on my futures trading has been transformational. By posting each day's levels on Stocktwits prior to the open Simon provides an invaluable service to many traders, both novice and experienced. Working with him on a one to one basis allows him to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a trader allowing you to develop, increase your trade size and become more consistent. With this, your confidence will increase and you will achieve what you could only before dream of.

Unlike many great traders, Simon is actually a great teacher, who demonstrates patience and empathy with each student. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simon's one to one sessions to any futures trader.
Iain McKerrow

United Kingdom

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For Traders wishing to improve and develop themselves as Traders, Simon at Trader Perform Coaching is priceless. Working one on one with a veteran professional trader is an opportunity I normally would never be afforded. Within 2 sessions Simon identified my problem with becoming consistently profitable wasn’t an indicator or cutting edge strategy, it was me, and my discipline as a trader. He has tracked my progress and always seems to follow up with exactly the right solution. He offers a free trading strategy with a real edge that highlights his approach to high probability trades and consistency….it works!

Rather than spend hundreds a month for someone to call out trades without a strategy or plan wasn’t for me. I wanted to identify and trade the setups myself, in my own style, and that’s exactly what I’m doing with Simon’s help. Much better than a $5K academy online or a 5 minute you tube video, trust me.

I would highly recommend Simon to anyone wishing to make money week in – week out.

Thanks again Simon,



Simon does a wonderful job with Trade Coaching. Its more than just teaching a new trader some basics. He works with each trader, whether new or experienced, to understand their goals and where they are having challenges. He then develops a plan and homework to ensure you're really learning and applying the critical steps for individual success.

I found his insight very valuable, from assisting in developing clear trade entries to helping me think through trade psychology for why I take some of the actions I do while trading. Shedding light on these actions helped me to think through how to take corrective action every time I consider entering and exiting a trade. My trade profitability has increased while my stress level has decreased.

He has very good knowledge on multiple markets, not just in the ES. He helped me improve my trade selection in CL and 6E also, and introduced me to some new markets I had not previously considered. He's a very genial coach who helps you feel good about your trading and move up to the next level. Highly recommended.


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These are notes I have received from various clients I have coached.  

I've been trading with Simon for about 6 months now, and my trading has greatly improved. He made a thurrow
analysys of my trading,
pointed out the weak spot and guided me into fixing them.
What you get with Simon, is the real deal, beeing in the business for 18 years he's got a wealth of knowledge that
you can benifit from
Wether your a succesfull trading trying to improve your A game, or a rooky thats bought into all the magical systems
out there, i really believe Simon can help you:
-get a edge
-make a trade plan
-manage risk
-deal with the stress
-setting yourself up as a professional trader
Simon doesnt own or sell magical 100% profit indicators, he doesnt have "buddies in the loop", he makes a solid
trading plan, sets realistic targets, sets out rules,
and trades it!
and thats what you need to survive in this business. sounds simple? maybe...but if its simple, why does 90% fail in

this business?Simon is still here.

N R Bieze
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I would highly recommend anyone interested in coaching or mentorship to consider Simon first.  He has done more for me as a trader than any book, webinar or trading room by 10 fold.  My problems were like many,  changing indicators, methods, markets and setups in search of something that I assumed would be obvious when I saw it.  I was wrong and spent alot of time, money and effort searching.  Simon allowed me to cut straight through all the BS and identify clean, simple, profitable setups.  No longer was I left wondering.  I began to understand the focus necessary to do this profitably.  Now comes the really amazing part,  once I saw good trade setups,  with no garbage blocking me from focusing on the trade,  I was able to finally see the true reason why I was not successful..   I had to learn how to overcome  the doubts, fears and nonsense to put money at risk. Without Simon’s unique understanding of the mental aspect of trading this would not have been possible.

As someone who has received many hours of training from Simon I can tell you without question that he is the real deal.  If you simply need to learn how to stand on your own two feet or seriously want to take your trading to another level,  I would strongly recommend Simon.

Erik Miller


I would recommend this service for both the beginner trader and the trader moving to the next level.  If you are beginner learning to trade, this service can provide the skills to pinpoint the signals indicating good trades from the noise that will only distract you and cause a losing trade.  If you are attempting to move the next level, this service can show technical skills and mental perspective to be all you can be.  The proprietor of this service has been on “my team” coaching me for years and my track record in investing is proof positive that he knows what he is doing.

Rex Draughn CPA

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  1. Simon is a well discipline trader and and constant navigator in the markets .
    He teaches these principles to anyone that wants to take the time to learn. It does take work and effort, no short cuts.
    What I have been learning is trading in zones with keeping emotions in check, along with other techniques. Its amazing how ones emotions can have a big effect on your trading. He takes the time to know you and your level of experience and works from there and is always willing to help. I am only do this part time and only paper trading and I do understand when the real money is in play that the emotion part of this will have a bigger play, but you have to start somewhere. I hope to continue to be a better student of the markets going forward and keep myself grounded and focus on the my daily plan. Simon has been a trader for over 19 years, enough said.

    You can see him share his zones on stocktwits on a daily basis. Just look for yourself.

    Student of the markets.