Monday, September 2, 2013

Below you will find examples of some relatively recent gaps--all 10+ points.  This is part of my preparation for tomorrow.  I want some road maps as to what the price action MAY look like.  This is the starting point.  Some questions I have as I am doing my research tonight. 

1)  What did the overnight range look like?

2)  What was the range in the first hour of trading,  was it choppy or did it go directional fairly quickly.

3)  How did the market behave as it hit Globex High & Globex Low.

4) What was the size of the rotation in the first hour, through midday and in the afternoon.

5) This is the beginning of preparation  not the end. Remember the market does not have to do anything.  It rarely does the exact same thing,  but it often rhymes. I often find that by looking at prior trading behaviors it becomes easier to recognize similar behavior and take advantage.  If you want to win big at this game you have to be willing to dig deeper than the guy taking the other side of the trade. 

Per example,  1st thing I notice is out of 4 times, we attempted to fill the gap only once in the first hour,  all others we extended up. 2nd,  we only went for true gap fill on 1 occasion,  what were the unique characteristics of that occasion.  Make good observations and take notes.  This is part of my daily homework. It is a big part of what goes into my edge. Its a big part of why I consistently win.  

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